Kunzwana Trust

KUNZWANA Trust has been established by Keith Goddard and his fellow trustees Fiona Lloyd, Phillip Marira and Debbie Metcalfe in 1987 as a non-profit-making organisation which fosters the practice and study of indigenous musics in Zimbabwe through the promotion of the work of performing artists and instrument makers for fair reward and the development of music research projects for educational purposes. The aim of KUNZWANA was to encourage the highest artists standards in Zimbabwean music and to provide artists and instrument makers with fair reward for the work they do.

The name KUNZWANA comes from the Shona word nzw(an)a which means listening, hearing and understanding one another. Of particular importance to KUNZWANA since 1993 has been the development of a cultural exchange programme with the Austria-Zimbabwe Friendship Association (AZFA/ARGEZIM) through which musicians such as Attwenger, the Vienna Tschuschenkapelle and Austrian composers have visited Zimbabwe and, in return, Zimbabwean and Mozambiquean performing artists have visited Austria.